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GoStork offers the first ever Fertility Clinics Marketplace where fertility patients match with their ideal clinics based on their unique needs and preferences. It is 100% free to use and features fertility clinics in over 100 locations within California, New York, Texas, Florida, Virginia, Illinois, Georgia, Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Massachusetts, and many other states across the US.

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What to Consider When Researching IVF and Fertility Clinics

GoStork helps you match with your ideal clinics, based on their experience and success rates matched to your personal journey (including age and services needed), as well as the clinic’s location, costs, patient ratings and reviews, doctors experience and more. While you can sort and select based on what is important to you - below outlines what many fertility patients look for when researching their options.

Experience and Success Rates

What are the success rates for patients with similar cases to yours – including your age and the fertility services you’ll need? This data can help you get a better idea, for example, of your chance of success per IVF cycle or embryo transfer. We make this part easier than ever before, as we share each clinic’s most relevant success rates based on your personal journey ahead, taking both your age and the services you need into consideration. Only GoStork personalizes success rates in this way – providing a much more accurate picture than the more general success rates you may see published elsewhere.

Doctor’s certifications and experience

Are the doctors at the clinics you’re considering board-certified? Where did they attend medical school? The experience, education, published research and even languages spoken are included for the doctors in each clinic’s profile in our marketplace.

Patient rating and reviews

Look at past patients’ thoughts on their experiences to gain insight into the fertility clinic, its practices and how welcoming it may feel.


We offer unprecedented cost transparency! You’ll see the costs for the services you need included in each clinic profile on GoStork – helping you to financially plan ahead.


A clinic close to you, or potentially your egg donor or gestational carrier, can help you reduce costs on your journey. If location is not that important, you may want to consider a clinic with specific experience dealing with cases similar to yours as a higher priority than location.

A Step-by-Step Guide to the IVF Process

1 Suppressing the Menstrual Cycle

The natural menstrual cycle is suppressed through injectable medications to help make treatment more effective.

Timeline: 10-12 days
2 Ovarian Stimulation

You (or your egg donor) is prescribed self-injectable follicle stimulating hormone (FSH) to boost egg supply. This is followed by a final hormone injection to help the eggs mature.

Timeline: 2 weeks
3 Egg Retrieval

A light sedative is used to retrieve the eggs.

A 30-minute procedure and 30-40 minutes in recovery.
4 Fertilization

The eggs are first examined for maturity and quality and then fertilized with sperm from the partner or a donor. The fertilized eggs are then allowed to grow in the laboratory.

Timeline: About 6 days
5 Embryo Culture

The embryo is monitored to ensure it’s growing well. A number of tests may be offered at this stage: PGT-A, which provides information on the embryo’s genetic health, and PGT-M which tests for inherited disorders caused by mutations in a single gene. After the biopsy, the embryos are frozen. You can learn more about genetic testing in our helpful article.

Timeline: Test results take around 1-3 weeks to arrive.
6 Embryo Transfer

The embryo is transferred into the womb using a thin catheter. No sedative is necessary for this step. Remaining embryos can be frozen (cryopreserved) for future transfers.

20-30 minute procedure, followed by a 2-hour rest time.
7 The Two Week Wait

Some clinics suggest a regular at-home pregnancy test two weeks after the embryo transfer, while others request that you go in for a more accurate blood test. If the IVF cycle has been successful, ultrasound scans are carried out in the following weeks, after which you will follow regular antenatal care.

Timeline: 2 weeks (and hopefully a successful pregnancy: 9 more months!)

Learn more about the IVF process in this helpful article.

IVF Process 101

How Much Does IVF cost?

According to RESOLVE, the average cost of one IVF cycle in the US is $23,000. However, fees vary from state to state and from one clinic to another - it is also highly dependent on your specific case, the treatments required, and how many cycles you’ll need. Check out our breakdown of IVF costs and ways to finance your journey in this helpful article.

Average Cost of IVF

How GoStork Helps You Find Your Ideal Fertility Clinic


We’ll ask you a few questions about your specific journey, including age, if you’re using your own eggs or donor eggs, and if you’re carrying yourself or using a gestational carrier. Our innovative technology then shares the list of clinics that have the most experience and highest success rates for your personal case and needs.


You can sort clinics by location, costs, best patient ratings, and success rates, as well as see verified patient reviews videos about the clinic and even each doctors' educational background, certifications, awards and the languages they speak.


Have questions before you decide to book an initial consultation? Easily chat directly with clinics through our HIPAA-compliant messaging tool. Then when you’re ready, book consultations right from GoStork - we’ll add them to your calendar for you and send you a reminder.

Free Concierge Service

Need some extra help? Book a free, 1-on-1 personalized call with a GoStork Concierge. We’ll answer any questions you may have, help educate you on the process, timeline and costs of your journey ahead and even to help you assess and match with your ideal clinics.

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GoStork Even Helps You Finance Your Journey

Now you can prequalify for a fertility loan in minutes! Simply answer a few questions and we’ll share a list of loans to consider. Once you select the one that best fits your needs, complete your application, and get approved, you’ll receive the funds directly in your account in 1-3 days. It’s that easy!

Multiple Offers

One application, many options; Along with our partner LoanGlide, we work with many lenders, creating the highest approval rates.

Affordable Monthly Payments

Checking rates will not impact your credit score. Rates start as low as 3.99% with terms as long as 12 years.

Quick and Easy

Complete a simple application, get approved, and receive funds as fast as within 24 hours


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Whether you only need a fertility clinic, or are also interested in learning more about egg donation or surrogacy, you’ll find helpful articles to support you as you research and plan your journey to baby.