Surrogacy Agencies in California

Surrogacy offers intended parents a wonderful way to build a family, but the process of finding the ideal providers can be complicated and time consuming. GoStork is a platform that helps you find, compare, and connect with your ideal surrogacy agency in California - saving you a great deal of the time and work it takes to do all of the research and outreach on your own.

California is one of the most surrogacy-friendly states in the US, protecting the rights and interests of intended parents and gestational carriers throughout the journey. Surrogacy is legal in California and the state also allows intended parents to declare parentage of the baby before birth. GoStork features top surrogacy agencies in Los Angeles, Murrieta, Burlingame, Carlsbad, Irvine, Costa Mesa, Chula Vista, Mission Viejo, Sacramento, San Diego, North Hollywood, and San Francisco, California. We provide comprehensive profiles of each, including detailed breakdowns of all journey costs and fees, enabling you to easily compare your options and connect directly with the one that best meets your needs.


Search our list of surrogacy agencies in California (or any other state, if you’re open to travel for your best fit), and filter agencies by personal preferences. For example, you can sort by the year they were founded, the number of babies born via the service, the average time it takes to match parents with a surrogate, and ratings. You can also choose to view LGBTQ+ friendly surrogacy agencies in California and agencies that work with international intended parents. Each GoStork listing includes a comprehensive list of services offered by the agency and a detailed cost breakdown - information you won’t find anywhere else online.


Compare surrogacy agencies in California point-by-point using a first-of-its-kind comparison tool. See your preferred agencies side-by-side to compare costs, experience, the length of time it takes to complete a surrogacy journey and the services they offer, including counseling and support, and fertility loans, among others. Detailed cost breakdowns and an understanding of what each fee gets you enables you to financially plan and even save money on your surrogacy journey.


Connect with your preferred California surrogacy agency through GoStork’s easy-to-use booking system that allows you to see the provider’s availability. Once scheduled, the appointment is instantly booked on both your calendar as well as the agency’s. This built-in system saves you time in your search, allowing you to focus on what matters: the first steps towards starting or growing your family.

With our large inventory plus helpful filtering and comparison tools, you’ll save yourself countless hours of work.

We help you understand all costs up front so you can plan ahead and even save along the way

You’ll make more informed decisions based on our plaform’s unprecedented transparency

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GoStork Even Helps You Finance Your Journey

Now you can prequalify for a fertility loan in minutes! Simply answer a few questions and we’ll share a list of loans to consider. Once you select the one that best fits your needs and complete your application, and get approved you’ll receive the funds directly in your account in 1-3 days. It’s that easy!

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