Using Social Proof Medicine to Improve Fertility Treatment Success Rates

Ravid Israel

Founder of Embie, the first app exclusively designed for women going through fertility treatments

It took 15 years to diagnose my endometriosis despite complaining of pain throughout my cycle. A stage four diagnosis led to a journey with infertility which led to more questions than answers.

A move abroad, 3 Doctors’ Opinions and 4 Failed IVF cycles later, I began looking for answers on social media. Turns out, I’m not the only one. Nearly 90% of all adults in the United States search for health information on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and other social media sites.

At Embie, we call this “Social Proof Medicine.”

And I found mine. I saw a woman in a Facebook group talking about Endometriosis and a link to Autoimmune. Asked Doctor number 4 for the simple blood test, and turned out positive. He and Doctor number 5 didn’t think it needed to be addressed until after I was pregnant.

So once again I took to Social Media, where I found thousands of women with the same condition, who switched their protocols to autoimmune and got pregnant. Took that to lucky Doctor number 6 and he agreed to do the protocol I wanted.

That small change led to a positive pregnancy and my now one year old son.

But what if I never saw that post on Facebook? What if I didn’t know what to ask? What if I never got pregnant at all?

So I thought, what if I created a tool for women going through fertility treatments, that also helps collect their knowledge and data? That tool can create real impact on success rates. And so, Embie was conceived!

We are now a year after the launch of Embie and have gathered diagnostic and protocol information from over 20,000 women in 120 countries. We’re taking that data, along with clinical research and developing predictive AI algorithms to give real time, actionable insights, that will ultimately increase success rates.

We’ve made it our mission to help educate those that walk this journey so that they can advocate for their health and have better outcomes. Part of that mission is our Annual From Embie To Baby Virtual Summit. The completely FREE summit will have talks from over 25 fertility experts; from Doctors and Coaches, to community members and companies such as GoStork, who are helping people complete their families.

The summit launches exclusively on the Embie App on Oct 22nd, but you can grab your free seat now by clicking here.


About Ravid Israel

Ever heard of the term there’s an app for that? Well, if you’ve gone through fertility treatments in the past few years and looked for an app to help you, you quickly realized that for this problem, there was no app.

That’s the realization Ravid, the founder of Embie, came to as she went through what began as fertility preservation, but turned to full on infertility treatments.

As an A type, Ravid started tracking all things related to her fertility and treatments in excel, her phone’s calendar and traditional TTC apps. She quickly noticed some patterns as she started comparing her cycles and began advocating for changes to her Protocol. The result was better quality eggs and higher fertilization rates.

She knew right then and there that other women needed this information too and Embie was conceived.

Ravid’s fertility journey began in 2012 with a Cervical Cancer diagnosis, followed by severe endometriosis, multiple fibroids, and an MTHFR mutation. This prompted a move abroad for more affordable reproductive care which was followed by six full IVF cycles, 4 transfers and a lot of experimentation.

After five IVF cycle attempts with a partner, Ravid succeeded on her SMBC/first donor cycle, which resulted in the birth of her son in Nov 2020!


About Embie

Embie, launched in Oct 2020, is the world’s only tracking app exclusively made for women going through IVF, IUI and Fertility Preservation Cycles. It enables women to stay organized and feel empowered through their journeys. The app provides one place where women can log their medications, keep track of symptoms and appointments, track results, get insight and support from the community.

Embie believes that women going through fertility treatments should be met with a specific supported experience that allows them to stay organised, track their results and build community. Our mission is to harness the data that helps women advocate for their treatment today, while helping millions of others realise their dream of having a family tomorrow.

Check out Embie app on Instagram @embieapp and follow Ravid’s personal journey @embie2baby