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Shadina Blunt is Co-Owner and Director of Surrogacy Services at Surrogacy Miracles & Consulting. Today she is an inspirational women’s advocate, but she started her OBGYN career right out of high school while going to college – so her passion for women’s health and surrogacy runs deep. After five pregnancies, two as a gestational carrier (one of which was for Real Housewives of Atlanta’s Kandi Burruss and Todd Tucker’s baby Ace!), she knew the best way forward to help more intended parents was through building her own agency. Learn more about Shadina’s work and what makes Surrogacy Miracles and Consulting different, as well as her advice to intended parents considering surrogacy.


The Surrogacy Miracles & Consulting Team: Shadina Blunt, Dr. Jacqueline Walters, Dr. Obehi Asemota, and Kimberly Gibson


1. What inspired you to work in the fertility industry?
I have always worked in women’s healthcare. I started my career in an OB GYN clinic and would connect with patients that couldn’t get pregnant or had trouble staying pregnant and would have multiple losses. I grew a love for helping women starting then.

2. We’d love to hear the Surrogacy Miracles Consulting story – can you share some highlights of your journey since the founding?
Surrogacy Miracles Consulting was founded as I was a carrier myself. While still carrying in my second journey I was asked multiple times about carrying again. This being my 5th pregnancy in total I knew I would be unable to help another family myself so I decided this would be the best way moving forward to help other families.

3. What has been your most rewarding experience personally over your years in this work?
The most rewarding experience is when you get to the delivery day and get to see your intended parents meeting their baby for the first time. It is such an emotional experience. To see a parent stare in the eyes of their baby for the first time after years of trying is more than the heart can take.



4. What is your advice for intended parents just beginning to consider surrogacy?
My advice is to never give up! This is a very trusting process that takes time. Don’t give in to the process! Know that there will be bumps in the road but there is light at the end of the tunnel.

5. Is there anything else you’d like to share about Surrogacy Miracles & Consulting?
Surrogacy Miracles and Consulting is like no other surrogacy agency. We are full service and we go from start to finish. We don’t just match you, we go all the way to delivery day. Our unique services include a Medical Provider and an REI Consultant. We also offer Doula Services to our clients.

Thank you, Shadina, what an incredible story! Intended parents, check back here over the coming weeks for more featured providers.


The Surrogacy Miracles & Consulting Team


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