GoStork Interview Series: Fertility Nutrition Tips and Forming Healthy Habits with Joey Coppedge

Rebecca Hochreiter

CMO of GoStork

Joey Coppedge is a Behavior Change Specialist and Founder of Fertility Nutrition Coaching. He helps couples TTC, expectant mothers, intended parents and gestational carriers develop healthier eating habits to further support fertility and pregnancy.

I loved chatting with Joey during our Instagram Live – he shared with us some great insight on fertility nutrition, including that: 

  • 43% of our daily actions are habits
  • you’re 90% more likely to stick to healthy eating habits if you have a partner supporting and joining in the routine
  • men’s and women’s bodies need the same nutrients and vitamins for fertility
  • and that it’s not about “What can get better?“, but about “What’s missing?”

According to Joey, there’s no such thing as a ‘best diet’. His advice is to eat a variety of whole, minimally processed food, because, “as much as we try to dictate, change, and manipulate the nutrients we’re giving it, at the end of the day our body will do what it must to get what it wants done”.

He also answered your questions on how to eat right when dealing with male factor infertility and secondary infertility. Admittedly, the most interesting and unexpected tip from Joey was on boosting male fertility: “take prenatal vitamins”. 

Check out the full chat with Joey!

“Although men and women have very different bodies, although men and women function quite differently in the reproductive department, our bodies, whether you’re creating sperm or you’re trying to thicken the lining of your uterus to prepare for implantation, both are different things, but they require the same ingredients.” Joey Coppedge

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