Have You Had Your Thyroid Checked?

Caryn Rich

The Fertility Coach helping women navigate their infertility journey with love, a little bit of humor and a whole lot of grit.

Did you know that having an abnormally high or low thyroid can cause you to miscarry?

One of the first things that I tell my clients to do is have a blood test to check their thyroid levels. It’s super easy to do and can tell you so much about why you are having trouble getting pregnant and sustaining a normal pregnancy.

Over 20 Million people suffer from a thyroid issue: Hypo (under active) or Hyper (overactive). The most common cause of Hypo is Hashimotos (an autoimmune condition), and it is treated with a medication called Synthroid. Hypo-Thyroid means your body is not producing enough Thyroid hormone. In this case, you will have a normal thyroxine level and a high TSH. Some symptoms of Hypo are low cold tolerance, weight gain, exhaustion, and depression.

When you are Hyper-Thyroid, your body produces an excessive amount of Thyroid hormone, and one cause of this is Graves Disease in 50%-80% of the cases. Hyper is treated with Beta Blockers like Armour and Nature-Thyroid. When you are Hyper, your body is producing an excessive amount of Thyroid hormone. Some symptoms of Hyper are heat intolerance, weight loss, sleeping difficulties, irritability, muscle weakness, and a fast heartbeat.

Sometimes, women with Thyroid conditions will go undiagnosed because the lab standards are often higher than they should be, especially for a woman trying to conceive. 1/8 women suffer at one point in their lives and often complain of symptoms and are told they are crazy. My suggestion is to find a doctor who will listen to you and take you seriously. It’s always best to have the entire Thyroid blood panel done, which includes: TSH, TPO antibodies, Free T3, Total T3, and Free T4. You cannot get the complete picture by just looking at the TSH!

I have always been told a women’s TSH should be as close to 1 as possible when trying to conceive. In addition to finding a doctor you trust and getting on meds, you can also avoid certain foods like gluten and add foods like coconut oil, Fish Oils, and ginger to your diet. Your issues may be easier to diagnose than you thought!

About Caryn Rich
Caryn Rich is a fertility coach with experience helping women who want to get through the infertility journey using the expertise of someone who has experienced success. Through her courses, challenges, and one-on-one coaching, she helps women shake up their approach to the process with support, making every step feel calmer and more understandable.

After spending 8 years going through double-digit ART cycles, 5 miscarriages, and the loss of one of her twins, Caryn was able to fulfill her dream of completing her family. It was during that time that she earned her “PHD” in Infertility. She has helped many women with a step-by-step framework based on her own journey. She believes that having the right mindset, advocating for yourself, and keeping your sense of humor are the most important aspects of success.

When Caryn is not teaching women the ABCs of Infertility, you can find her enjoying time with her family and indulging in her favorite bulletproof coffee.