Extraordinary Conceptions: From Twins Through Surrogacy to an International Agency


CMO of GoStork

We were excited to connect recently with Mario Caballero, the CEO of Extraordinary Conceptions, a surrogacy and egg donor agency based in San Diego, California with quite an extensive reach. Below is the story of how Extraordinary Conceptions evolved from a small office out of his family’s home to a leading, international agency with budget-friendly family building options for thousands of intended parents.


The Caballero Family

1. What inspired you to work in the fertility industry?

I have twins who were born through surrogacy and my wife and I went to extreme measures for many years until we realized our dream of creating a family together. This agency was founded to assist parents who are in the same shoes we were in.

2. We’d love to hear your story – can you share some highlights of the journey since opening in 2005?

Originally my wife, Stephanie Caballero became an attorney in order to assist couples who needed a surrogate or an egg donor to complete their families. She started small, taking on a couple of cases at first, but the need was much greater than she expected. I eventually quit my job in healthcare and came on board fulltime to build the agency so she could grow her law office separately. We started with 2 employees and worked out of our house at first, but both the agency and the law firm grew quickly. Before we knew it, we had outgrown 4 office spaces and now Extraordinary Conceptions has a large main office in San Diego, CA with 42 staff members, plus offices in Toronto, Canada and Puerto Vallarta, Mexico along with representatives in the UK, Europe and Latin America.

3. What has been your most rewarding experience personally over your years in this work?

Obviously, connecting with the Intended Parents who come to me with their stories of how they have struggled for many years to have a baby. I always assure them that we can help them and are familiar with what they are going through firsthand. The huge emotional reward is when we are able to see them with their babies and they send us photos and updates throughout the years.

4. What is your advice for intended parents just beginning to consider surrogacy?

Do your research, ask for help and educate yourself on the process and the costs that can occur, so you are prepared.

Most importantly, do NOT give up.

Extraordinary Conceptions CEO Mario Caballero with his twins

5. Is there anything else you’d like to share about Extraordinary Conceptions?

Although we are one of the largest agencies, we are like a family and treat our egg donors, surrogates and intended parents as part of our family. We are experienced and are able to connect with Intended Parents from all over the world because we have staff members who are fluent in 10 different languages. We work with the finest IVF physicians and best reproductive attorneys from all over the world. We have insurance and travel specialists in house and accessibility to therapists who understand the emotional toll of infertility and building families through alternative methods. We are committed to your success and determined to find the most budget-friendly options that we did not have, when my wife and I were struggling. We pride ourselves on being able to offer our SAFE (Single Agency Fee Experience) Program and our Stress-Free Policy. Our SAFE Program ensures that you do not have to pay a second agency fee if your egg donor cycle does not produce viable embryos the first cycle or your surrogacy cycle is not successful the first time and you need to be rematched per physician’s recommendation. With our Stress Free Policy we do not require full funding until your surrogate or donor has passed her medical screening. We have done the leg-work for you, so that you can focus on what is most important – your dream of having a baby.

Thank you, Mario, the Extraordinary Conceptions story is indeed extraordinary and we’re thrilled to have you on GoStork!

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